Tennis Leg – How Chiropractor in Centurion can help

Tennis leg is a painful injury that results from a tear in the tissue of the calf. The tear often occurs in an incomplete state and is only half way down the calf. Although the injury affects only the calf, it can be extremely severe and often results in athletes being unable to play. The tear could affect the “soleus”, which is a smaller, deeper-laying muscle in the calf. It can also affect the larger muscle known as “gastrocnemius”.

This injury is common among tennis players. These professionals put pressure on their legs by jumping and jolting to hit the ball. These sudden movements can cause injury.

What causes a tennis leg injury?

Tennis players’ legs are constantly under pressure. Tennis players rely on their legs to move quickly and efficiently, without preparing to hit every ball. It is physically and mentally exhausting. This is a common occurrence in patients older than 35 years.

These injuries are often caused by repetitive movements that cause strain to the lower legs. The injury often comes with a popping sound and excruciating pain.

Although the name implies “tennis,” one might assume that tennis players are the only ones who sustain this injury. However, it can also happen to other athletes. This is a common sports injury that professional chiropractors often treat.

What are some signs to look out for in Tennis Leg?

  1. A sharp burning sensation radiating from the lower leg or calf
  2. It is like being kicked in the calf.
  3. It is difficult to walk because of the pain
  4. Calf swelling
  5. Tennis leg treatment options

It is important to get your leg calf injured treated as soon as you can. There are many treatment options available, including the following:

Elevation and ice
The injured person should ensure that they get immediate medical attention for their leg. Ice should be applied to reduce swelling.

Physical therapy
Patients often need physical therapy in order to restore proper motion and function to their legs. Patients with this injury can receive physical therapy in many forms. Physical therapy can also include leg exercises and a leg workout that targets the injury. Some exercises include heel lifts and a series of stretches.

Chiropractic treatment
Chiropractic treatment can be used in conjunction with pain medication. It is safe, effective, and non-invasive. This is a popular choice to assist with the recovery of various leg pains, including those caused by sports. Soft tissue mobilization may also be offered by chiropractors.

Pain medication
Doctors may recommend ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory medication that helps reduce swelling and manage pain.

A doctor will conduct a thorough examination of the injured leg. This may include x-rays and a leg MRI. It is also possible to observe which areas are painful. A lot of patients will have difficulty walking after an injury. This is a sign that the injury could be tennis-related.

How long is the average tennis leg recovery time?

The average time it takes to heal from an injury is approximately 6 weeks for most patients. Depending on the severity of the injury, the recovery time can vary from one patient to another. It is possible to cause more damage by prolonging the time it takes to get a leg injury checked.

How can you prevent tennis leg injuries becoming recurring?

To avoid recurring injuries, it is important to take extra precautions before, while, and after a game. Cardio workouts like swimming and cycling are essential to properly warm up athletes. Stretching before any sport is important to avoid injury.

Conclusion on Tennis leg

Tennis players are not the only ones at risk of sustaining a tennis leg injury. Active sportspeople also have the possibility. Incorrect posture can lead to injuries such as those that require chiropractic treatment.

You could use painkillers, lift your leg, and apply ice to the injury. However, long-term pain relief is better. Chiropractic is focused on the musculoskeletal system, which can help greatly with pain management and healing.

FAQ – Tennis Leg

What is a tennis leg?

The injury known as “tennis knee” is something that athletes frequently experience, and it was mentioned at the start of this article. This is a tear of the calf muscle, also known as “gastrocnemius”, or “leg triceps”. Although injuries such as this can occur to anyone, they are more common for those 35 and older.

How long does it take for a tennis leg to heal?
Although everyone is unique, some patients heal in six weeks. Others may take less time. The healing time can be affected by the severity of the injury.

How can you stop tennis from a leg?
Proper warm-up before you start the game is the best way to avoid any injuries or problems with your tennis leg.

Cardio and stretches can help increase blood circulation and relax the muscles and joints. Centurion chiropractor can provide specific stretching for the tennis leg.

What is a rupture of the plantaris tendon?
The plantaris, a muscle found in the calf that joins to a part of the gastrocnemius, is called a “tennis leg”. These muscles can rupture, causing a plantaris tendon rupture. Also known as “tennis leg”.

What are the signs and symptoms of tennis leg?
Some patients may feel a burning sensation that runs down the calf and up their legs. Some patients describe it as feeling like being kicked in the calf. Inflammation (swelling of the calf) can also occur from a tennis leg injury.

Is there a Centurion chiropractor who can help me with my tennis leg injury?
Chiropractors are skilled and qualified to treat various injuries, sprains and other conditions. As a form of physical therapy, chiropractors will assist their patients in incorporating special stretches into their daily lives.